Welcome to CAIPC

The Collaborative for the Advancement of Infection Prevention and Control (CAIPC) provides leadership and strategic direction to drive progressive, high quality, evidence informed infection prevention and control education, practice, research, and consultancy in low- and middle-income settings. We provide our expertise via consultancies and partnerships with government, education providers and not for profit organisations.  The work undertaken by CAIPC is based on the premise that collaboration, co-creation, and capacity building provide the best foundations for improving healthcare service delivery and health outcomes for people living in low- and middle-income settings.

Why are we different?

We recognize that infection prevention and control is everybody’s responsibility and is part of every aspect of healthcare delivery, be it in an acute care hospital or a remote dispensary or clinic.


How can CAIPC help us?

CAIPC is a group of individuals who have expertise in IPC, research, leadership development, mentoring, and learning and teaching. We are able to assist with comprehensive IPC program evaluations and training, research activities, and developing leadership in your IPC team/staff. We also have a suite of resources that we have developed over our many years of experience. Our aim is to work WITH you and develop the in-country capacity wherever we consult.

What happens after CAIPC has assisted us?

CAIPC is always available to you. We are heavily invested in the future of IPC in LMI settings and are focused on collaboration, co-creation, and capacity building.

How do we contact CAIPC?

email: contact@caipc.global with any queries you may have.

Infection prevention and control programme evaluation

The purpose of this evaluation is to provide a review of healthcare infection prevention and control (IPC) activities in a given healthcare facility. It does not, however, consider the risk of individual patients or specific cases. It is intended as an instrument to provide assessment of the status of the infection prevention and control programme (IPCP).


CAIPC is a collaboration of infection prevention and control expertise from Griffith University, University of the Sunshine Coast, and James Cook University. Our work has seen us engage with the World Health Organization, the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Secretariat of the Pacific Communities, Asian Development Bank.