The Collaborative for the Advancement of Infection Prevention and Control (CAIPC) provides leadership and strategic direction to drive progressive, high quality, evidence informed infection prevention and control education, practice, research, and consultancy in low- and middle income (LMI) settings. Foundation to CAIPCs efforts is the implicit understanding that collaboration, co-creation, and capacity building provides the best outcomes for LMI partners and their health services.

Why are we different?

We recognize that infection prevention and control is everybody’s responsibility and is part of every aspect of healthcare delivery, be it in an acute care hospital or a remote dispensary or clinic. Everyone has a right to safe healthcare, and every healthcare worker should be protected in their workplace against infectious diseases. The principles of infection prevention and control are the same no matter where you are, it is just how they are applied in different health settings, with the resources that are available, that changes. Our partners tell us we are unique for a variety of important reasons including:

  • a whole of program approach
  • comprehensive infection prevention and control evaluations
  • experienced and expert members
  • thorough consultation
  • resource appropriate advice
  • recognition that all healthcare workforce has a role to play in infection prevention and control
  • results in initiating and sustaining in-country change

Our Team

Dr Peta-Anne Zimmerman
Program Advisor - Infection Prevention & Control
Dr Peta-Anne Zimmerman (RN, DPH, CICP-E, SFHEA) is an internationally respected clinician, educator, and researcher in infection prevention and control (IPC).
Vanessa Sparke
Lecturer at James Cook University Cairns
Vanessa is a lecturer and course coordinator of the Graduate Certificate of Infection Control at James Cook University (JCU).
Matt Mason
Lecturer in Nursing - (RN, CICP-E, MRuralHlth, MAdvPrac(InfCont), BN)
Matt Mason commenced his career at The Alfred Hospital in Melbourne (Trauma/Orthopaedic ward and then Trauma ICU and Hyperbaric Medicine) .

Our Partners